School Services

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  • School System and Curriculum
    Our school provides S1 to S6 curricula in line with mainstream schools.  To achieve our school-based “HOPE” curriculum integration frame, tailor-made activities and multi-teaching pedagogies are applied to facilitate our students’ learning.  The junior curriculum emphasizes life-wide learning opportunities.  Moreover, the implementation of the “School-based Emotion and Behaviour Management Education” programme in School not only helps with our students’ character building but also empowers our students’ mentality to face problems.  As for the senior curriculum, apart from the four core curricula, our School provides two optional subjects as well.  We also encourage students to study applied learning which may be held by outside agents and organize vocational experiential learning which is based on students’ individual differences.
  • Teaching Strategies
    Junior secondary students are taught the Chinese subject in groups in order to cater for learner diversity.  “Individual Education Programme” is used to enhance basic learning ability and learning motives.  Project learning is incorporated into senior curriculum planning.  An interdisciplinary co-ordinated activity, in the form of “Education Day Camp” by level, sets up a learning platform for a specific subject and co-ordinates learning elements of different domains.  Through diversified classroom and extra-curricular activities to enhance intelligence and conduct, students can receive whole person development and strengthen their positive value system.
  • School-Based Counselling
    In view of the basic principle of educating students, the ”Whole-school Approach” and ”Integrated Prevention Mode” are adopted in the delivery of school discipline and guidance work.  A 3-Level Comprehensive Counselling System focusing on preventive work and developmental need of the students is adopted.  Through diversified discipline and guidance activities or small group activities, the ultimate goal is to create a caring school atmosphere where students can realize their potentials and grow in a constructive way.
  • Short Term Adaptation Programmes
    Our School offers a ”Brilliant Sun Programme” to support mainstream schools and help those mainstream school students who are unable to cope with the normal schooling to adapt to school life again.  Growth and individual learning plans are devised with stakeholders to help the students reflect and learn to interact with others so that they can return to their original schools.
  • Extra-Curricular and After-School Activities
    Our school offers regular whole-school and outreaching multiple-intelligent activities and competitions such as principal shield events, annual school long distance run, tae kwon do invitation competitions and inter-social development schools’ matches. We also provide different multiple-intelligent learning activities in the after-school training sessions and weekly multiple-intelligent lessons.  These activities are designed for students to develop their potentials and interests.  In the meantime, students are trained to participate in different inter-school and external competitions so as to enhance their opportunities for learning, training and successful experiences.