Incorporated Management Committee

Hong Kong Juvenile Care Centre  Chan Nam Cheong Memorial School
The 14th Incorporated Management Committee Manager List

Sponsoring Body Managers:Mrs Sheila Chan To (Supervisor)
Ms Christina Chan
Mrs Li Veronica Wei Chue, B.B.S.
Mr Tsang Ka Yip
Mr Chung Ho Yee Nelson
Ms Szeto Ying Joan
Alternate Sponsoring Body Manager:Mr Yao Yan Ping Francis
Ex-officio Manager:Mr Ching Kin Hung (Principal)
Independent Manager:Mr Leung Wing Hung George
Teacher Managers:Mr Kwan Kin Ho
Mr Cheung Chun Shing (Alternate Teacher Manager)
Parent Managers:Ms Chow Yu Yiu
Ms Suen Sau Kam (Alternate Parent Manager)