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Residential Services

Personal Growth To provide individual and group counselling which aim at enhancing students’ self-understanding, social skills and life skills; and to help them achieve


The services are fully subvented by the Government.  However, parents have to be responsible for the personal expenses of the boys, including medical consultation, books,


Hostel services : 120 places School services : 144

Target Group

Boys aged 11 to 18 who have behavioural and emotional adjustment difficulties and are suitable for admission to secondary

Executive Committee (2021-2022)

贊助人 Patron Professor Frederick Ma Si Hang G.B.S., J.P. 馬時亨教授,G.B.S., J.P. 會長 President Professor Wong Lung Tak, Patrick, PhD., B.B.S., J.P., KC St.J


To provide a safe, stable and nourishing group living environment for the juveniles; To help the juveniles establish proper value and positive attitude towards life through


To provide residential care and educational services for the needy juveniles to help them lead a meaningful life, serve the society and to be good citizens in

Contact Us

Please contact the following units of our Centre for enquiry: Headquarters and Bradbury Hostel Telephone number : 2518 0166 Fax number : 2554 2117 E-mail :


Hong Kong Juvenile Care Centre was established in 1948.  Existing premises at Nam Long Shan Road were completed and operated in February 1994.  They are composed of three
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