School Services

School Official Website: Curriculum In line with mainstream schools, our school offers curricula for students from S.1 to S.6. To achieve our


Counselling on Further Study and Open Employment: Regular case conferences will be conducted by the residential and school sections for the students, their parents and


24-hour holistic care is provided by education and social work professional staff. In-house educational and clinical psychologists provide assessment and treatment services.

Residential Services

Personal Growth To provide individual and group counselling which aim at enhancing students’ self-understanding, social skills and life skills; and to help them achieve


The services are fully subvented by the Government.  However, parents have to be responsible for the personal expenses of the boys, including medical consultation, books,


Hostel services : 120 places School services : 144

Target Group

Boys aged 11 to 18 who have behavioural and emotional adjustment difficulties and are suitable for admission to secondary